Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Olympus PEN EP-3

Carrying a bulky dslr is just pain in the neck literally and I've been looking for a more handy camera.  I've checked a few brands including the much talked about Fujifilm X100 but in the end I narrowed my choice down to two - Sony Nex 5N and Olympus EP-3. I prefer one with interchangeable lens, I find it fun changing lens:) NEX 5N is definitely a very good camera but I just find it fugly with the big lens and petite body. Sling it in your neck and it would be stooping down staring at your crotch all the time.  

And EP-3 is just gorgeous, I love it! It has a built-in array of art filters too, FUN. I'm thinking of getting the M.Zuiko 12mm or the 45mm lens.

Buddy's Jeremy Scott Swatch, cute:) Taken with Pop Art filter.

Dolls in Chinatown, SG


Grainy film

Dramatic tone. Taken inside a fast moving car.

No need for post processing (I'm too lazy to do that:) Click on the pics for bigger view.