Friday, February 18, 2011

Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers


Kaki King is so darn good!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

CNY 2011

I spent the Chinese new year at buddy's hometown in Johor for the fifth straight time.  I think I'm officially part of the family now:)  His relatives know me already, I join their family reunion dinner and they gave me ang pow:)

We stopped by at the restoran jejantas Ayer Keroh reststop and bought this pair of shoes at a shop there.  I like the style and color:)  Buddy was driving when I took it out from the box and start admiring it haha.. Well I always get excited having a new pair of shoes haha but I don't hoard okay:)

There was one time when I went shopping with my sis and bought a pair.  When we went back to her house, I quickly wear it and walked around the living room in circles.  'Oh I love this, it's so nice' I keep saying.  'Hey look at my shoes, its so nice'  I told my 7yr old niece and 5yr old nephew who were looking at me and probably thinking their uncle is crazy haha...

The weather was mad, been raining there for a few days!

On the eve, buddy cooked the dinner, not bad:)

Play time with our doggie. We just love this little fella. We got him a new shirt which he wore on the 1st day.

and a nice red dress the next day! We bought this in the kiddie section and actually meant for a little girl.  Look, a pug in drag haha.

and Auntie paraded him around the neighborhood.  Poor boy, he looked like his going to die of embarrassment haha

The fourth day we went to Singapore like what we always do...   one the restaurants that we tried, the food is so-so...

and to the temple for prayers...

then time to go back to KL.  Auntie said 'Come back here when you have long holidays okay?'.  'Yes, Auntie'. I replied.