Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Turtle

The turtle lives 'twixt plated decks
Which practically conceal its sex. 
I think it clever of the turtle 
In such a fix to be so fertile. 

-- Ogden Nash

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My bestfriend. The mating birds.

Last week, our big boss together with a visitor from HQ was around and we had round of meetings.  Friday's meeting was scheduled at 8 sharp in the morning.  I was the first presenter so have to woke up a little bit earlier than usual.  7:20, went down, went to my car (which is parked outside because buddy has taken our sole parking bay) and to my horror saw one of the tires was punctured.  Damn! why now?!.  I figured it would take time to change it and I will be late by then.

Went back to our place and called up cabs but I have to wait! I can't, I need to be in office before 8.  Buddy volunteered to send me there.  But the thing is I work in Nilai.  He said no problem, he's in sales he can always make up excuses.  He quickly changed clothes.  He has not even taken shower yet (and when I came home at night, i came back earlier than him, I saw his toothbrush in the sink with the toothpaste still on it, poor guy).

On the way, I have to remind him not to drive too fast.  I made it on time and my presentation went well.  I can sense I've already gain the trust of our boss ever since my first project came out successfully (it's already launched in some countries, positive reception and you might have seen the adverts... patting my own back haha;).   
Afternoon, he called up to check on me if I can get a ride back home (he's so sweet:) No worries, one of my colleagues will send me back.

Buddy is one of the nicest guys I've ever known (okay I'm bias:)


A pair of our budgies is mating!  Yeah I saw them making love in the early morning:)

The lovers, see how cute they are;)

On the left is Angelina and the one on the right is Brad hehe. You can tell their sex by their ceres (the fleshy area above the beak where the "nostrils" are located). Females always have a whitish or brown cere while the adult males will usually have blue ceres.  See, I'm getting to know more and more about budgies:)

We've got them for more than a year now.  And I take really good care of them, can't rely on buddy, he's just good at admiring them.  Some more he's actually the one who's so eager to have all these pets (our pug and rabbits when we were still in Johor and now the birds and turtles.  Except the fishes which are mine:).  And I would always say can't, who's going to take care them?  And one day he would arrived home with a cage and a pair of birds.  Which actually get me excited, oh so cute!:)  He wanted to buy a corn snake, which I have to say no, what if it escapes from the aquarium? It will shallow the birds! (I'm not sure of that though, I simply say one hehe)

Anyway, back to our birdies.  They like to eat greens but it wither fast when put inside the cage.  So one day, I figured a way that they can have their fresh salad whenever they want!

I bought a bunch of this. 

Plant them in the pots and let them grow back.
And put them beside the cage with the leaves inside. voila!  They love it!

They also like the fruit pulps from the juicer but we don't prepare juice often so I chop fruits finely for them because if I put a big piece of fruit inside, they won't touch it.  

Okay there's one more pet that I really like and can't stop thinking about it ever since we saw them one weekend at the petshop in MV.  It's  the Fisher's two horned chameleon.  They're so cute! I gotta have one or a pair:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My name is Dita. I'll be your mistress tonight.

I was watching one of Madonna's awesome videos when I saw a comment about a background Arabic hymn at  3:46 .  It says "Today, .....was hanged on a cross..."

Wow, after all these years its nice to discover somethin new on one of my fave Madonna videos:)

Now listen to the hymn...

Friday, October 1, 2010

D'Orange Verte. Miki Ojisan No Mise.

Buddy bought me this bottle of Hermes eau de toilette in SG when he went there recently.  'Are we going to share this?', I asked.  'No, it's yours'.  Thanks.  I love the smell!  Something new to wear everyday:)  


Wondering whats the difference between cologne, eau de toilette, perfume..?

Eau de Cologne (EdC)
EdC is the term used today to refer to a perfume solution with ~ 3%-5% essential oils in an alcohol and water base.
Eau de Toilette (EdT)
~ 6-10% essential oils in an alcohol and water base.
Eau de Parfum (EdP)
~ 11-15% essential oils in an alcohol and water base.
Extrait Perfume
Perfume, or parfum, as it is sometimes called, is the highest concentration of essential oils, with ~ 20-40% essential oils in an alcohol and water base. 
 (info taken from the web, not sure if accurate:)


The other night when he came back home, 'Hey, I got cake for you. I know you are going to like this'.  He brought the yummiest cheese cake!  I like!    

Miki Ojisan No Mise  <--  erm what does that mean? :)