Monday, August 30, 2010


 and they came, transformed and flew without warning....

These are the caterpillars that I featured in my previous post. Yesterday,  I took some photos when they were still around.  This morning I woke up late and saw only the transparent cocoons. I thought I'm not gonna see how they look like in the end.  Well, I found some of their their siblings are still left behind, I took one them and put it in a transparent plastic container...  I'll be waiting.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

blood and caterpillars

I went for my annual medical check-up, company sponsored, last Saturday in one of the clinics in PJ.  I noticed the staff there were senior citizens, from the receptionist and the nurses.  When we came in, I saw a goodlooking guy waiting.  I sat beside him:)

Its a 3storey clinic,  groundfloor I peed into a glass bottle.

1st floor, the doctor took my bp, poked me here and  there, and sucked my blood (with a syringe).  He seems to be taking his time, he did things slowly.  Chitchatting and asked me stuff like where I'm staying blah blah..  I  tremble at the sight of needles and blood (buddy suggested I should go for accupunture often to overcome that).  I will never watched them do it, I usually look away.  When the doctor blurted 'Oh it slipped', I looked down and saw bloods smearing my right arm. Yikes! I just kept quiet but in my mind I was like can you please do it properly.  You will have far more problem if I get fainted.  He has to do it again this time in my left arm, blood trickled, oh my is it not done yet?  And this is what I got, a bruised arm. 

2nd floor, I had x-ray. The machine looked old and the operator was a sprightly old uncle.  They could have gotten it when he was still a young virgin lad.    


One day, we saw two little green caterpillars nibbling at the leaves of our lovely Jasmine plants.  We don't know how they end up at our balcony, we are at 9th floor.  Did their Mom flew that high just to lay her eggs up here?  hmm she must have been lured by some strange mystical flowery force into our place:)

Now they are on their beauty sleep.  We can't wait for them to turn into lovely butterflies!  (or they might transform into a bland brown moth? who knows..)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a pilgrimage to the dawn of evolution

Last weekend, we went to KLCC and  hang out at the place I love so much -- Kinokuniya!  We were supposed to watch movie but were put off by the long queue.  I was completely oblivious of the time and when buddy told me it's time to go, I thought but we just came in.  He told me we've already been there for 2 hours. I spent the whole time at the popular science section, browsing through all the Dawkins, Hawkings, Feynmans... I've always wanted to read Dawkin's but end up buying some fictions, but not this time.  I bought his 'The Ancestor's Tale', brilliant!

You see, I have this problem of taking ages to finish reading a book, yeah the usual 'don't have enough time' reason.  So now what I do, I had the it beside the bed and just before I go to sleep, I would read a few pages.  And when sleepiness catches in, I just put the book aside and before I knew it I already doze off.  A good way to relax and forget about the day's hassles.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

and i thought

A month ago, me and buddy had dinner in a restaurant nearby our place.  While we were eating, I was surprised to see a colleague came in, I know he's staying a bit far away.  Didn't expect he will be there all the way just to have dinner there.  With him was a colleague as well from another department.  I can't remember her name.  They saw us and came by to our table to say hi.  Introduced buddy which apparently he met before in an official function.

The next day in the office we had a brief chat and he asked about where's buddy working and all.

I didn't think much about it then.  But last weekend, we saw them again together in Pavillion. The girl was clutching his arm. Oh my!?  They are couple! I can't believe it! I've always thought he likes guys.. oppss haha.. (dunno but somehow the scence looked kinda awkward:) The first time I met him like a few years ago when I was still in my previous job, I thought, hmm I'm sure he's one of us (not bad, his cute hah)

And just a few weeks before, I had drink with him in hotel bar where there were a few working girls prowling.  Some were actually eyeing us while we were sitting in a corner.  I thought sorry ladies, you don't inspire our loins:)

Buddy suggested, 'oh we should lead him to the right path!' :D

I still can't believe it, all this while I was mistaken ?? or perhaps...   (well, i shouldnt be judging people hah)