Sunday, July 25, 2010


I just got new lens, an AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G for my camera. I've come across some photography sites which highly recommended it. It's sharp, fast and does well in low light conditions (which is what I needed because I don't like using flash as much as possible). And they talk about bokeh (always remind me of bukkake) and stuff.  Prime lens are also smaller, really a good thing when travelling.

So the past 2 Saturdays, we went to Plaza Low Yat. But I can't made up my mind, I'm not sure if it's really something I need, questions came like should I get the superzooms instead? Lens aren't cheap, I'd better think it over first before making a decision. Well, I could be really obsessive on something and the past days I keep talking of getting one. Last Friday, buddy told me he will buy it for me. Yesterday for the 3rd time we went to Low Yat and voila I finally had one.  Happy!

Right after getting out from bed this morning, I went straight took some photos of my potted plants.  Can't wait to play with it:) 

We also went to check some handphones while in low yat.  Buddy is one of those people that keep changing handphones.  And he commented some of those salesguys there talk like gangsters.  I've notice that too.  I have had one experience before and the guy was just plain rude and I was really pissed off big time.    

Friday, July 9, 2010


I bought these dvd sets a few weeks ago and manage to watched a few of the movies so far, Roman Polanski's Chinatown and Rosemary's Baby.  I've watched The Pianist a few years ago, I thought it's brilliant.  I've read a lot about Rosemary's Baby, it's kinda interesting but it didn't scare me.  I guess I was expecting really something 'fuck-i-cant-stand-to-watch-kind of scary' but Polanski's movies are of the intelligent sort, some of his movies I guess most people would find boring.

Lars Von Trier films are no doubt the arthouse kind.  I've seen Dancer in the Dark a few years ago, with Bjork in it.  Can't really remember much of it now but I can recall it's a depressing movie. Its one of those movies you felt bad after watching it.  But then it's a good movie though in a sort of interesting unique way (am I making sense here?:).  Lately, I've watched The Idiots, plenty of nudity and there's an explicit orgy scene.  I've also watched The Kingdom.  There's this Swedish neurosurgeon character working in a Danish hospital who would go up the rooftop and looking at the Swedish shores and would suddenly shout "Bloody Danes!" (that is what the subtitles say).  I won't be watching a movie marathon of his films anytime soon though, they're meant to be watch when you are in the right mood for these kind of stuff. 

I've always love to watch arthouse films, the more unconventional the better:)  Sometimes I'd get lucky and find some gems among those stacks of pirated DVDs in those video shops and can't help get excited to stumble on the likes of David Cronenberg's Crash, Larry Clark's Kids, Greenaway's The Pillow Book.... :)