Sunday, June 27, 2010

Complete Victory

I went to Jakarta last Monday and so did buddy but on different flights. We stayed at the same hotel but on different rooms.  The hotel has tight security, cars getting in the premises were checked and you and your luggage go through scanners just like in airports.  One morning we had  breakfast together.  Our work travels coincide this time.  I stayed there much longer than him though.

Buddy told me this funny story, ewww so disgusting he would say.  He brought one of their customers out for entertainment there in Jakarta, to capped the night they went to a massage center.  While he was lying on bed, the masseuse suddenly climb on top of him and started rubbing sensuously her mammary glands on his back!  He's kind of freaked out and scolded her with the pointing finger, 'Don't touch me!'. The startled girl meekly replied 'Yes sir, yes sir' and got up.  I think she likes me, she asked me to take off all my clothes at the start which I refused.  Slut. I'm going to kick her on the crotch and pinch her nipples.  I burst out laughing when he recounted the experience complete with the funny expressions. Yeah one of those hazards associated with his job.    

(*The city's name is derived from the Sanskrit word "Jayakarta" (जयकर्) which translates as "Victorious deed" ,"complete act," or " complete victory."    - Wikipedia)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

ghost, temple, venus flytrap, ate

Yesterday, we went to Sungai Buloh.  Visited a temple, prayed and gave some donation because buddy's fortune teller told him to do so.

Buddy: Linda said there's a dark ghost that keeps following me.  
Me: What?! You believe all those stuff? If she told me that, I'm going to burst out laughing.  Where got duck ghost!
Buddy: Not a duck that quacks, idiot.  It's DARK. 
Me: Oh I thought you said duck hahaha

After the temple, we dropped by some of the nurseries. Lovely flora everywhere. My kind of place! Decided to just look around because there's no space for more in our place. But then we saw a venus flytrap and could'nt resist.  I'm thinking of putting it beside the trash, so that the treats is within its reach:)

Well I remember a few months ago, one night on the way up to our unit.  There's this old couple inside the lift with us. We just came back from Ikea then, we were carrying stuff and potted plants.  The uncle struck a conversation with us, asking questions like where we bought the plants and such.  And when he heard we got them from Ikea, he told us we should go to Sungai Buloh with a 'sarcastic I-can't-believe-you-people tone in his voice and expression'.  We thougth what a nosy uncle, can't mind his own business.  And we kept quiet, his wife smiled.  Now I understand.

Buddy suggested we go to Ijok for lunch.  First time heard of the place.  Ijok, it has some funky exotic ring to it:)  We went to a restaurant located further inside and they have a specialty called beggar's chicken,  but they're not open yet.  They must be really famous to get good business with such a somewhat hidden place.  Then we went to another supposedly famous restaurant in the area (I can't remember the names) but then they were booked for some function lunch or something.  So we ended up in another restaurant where the food was so-so but I didn't really care much, I was hungry.

the cat in the temple,
he's not happy, he growled at me when i took  this photo                          

Sunday, June 6, 2010

bed, dog, fruits

A few days before that furniture shop with the big chair was gutted by fire (previous post), we bought there a queen-size mattress yeah because we are queens:p It just fit nicely in our small room, which is not originally our room but the aircon in the masterbedroom was busted so we moved here.... we kind of like the small room eventually, and we figured it would require less energy to cool up. our small way to help save mother earth:)

spartan bedroom fit for a monk:)

Anyway, last weekend we went back to Johor to visit our beloved doggie. We dropped by Kluang to have our lunch, which is Tangkak beef noodles (yeah Tangkak beef noodles in Kluang).

Then we had coffee (i mean buddy, i'm not a coffee drinker:). We didn't go to the original place right beside the railway station though. We had it in their branch(not sure if they are related) in front of Kluang parade.

And then quality time with Axton. We just love this little fella!

While driving back to KL, we thought of buying a juice extractor. We chose this.

While we can hear the loud sirens of the firetrucks whisked by, the firemen busy trying to put out the fire that is engulfing the furniture shop nearby, we were busy devirginizing the machine:)

and then we started hoarding all kind of fruits like there's no tomorrow:)