Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A dead bird & a new camera

This morning, we found one of our budgies is dead:( he's the only male. Now we have all 3 females left behind. Poor girls, the man in the house is gone now. Well, I hope he rest in peace in bird's heaven...


Anyway, I've finally bought a dslr camera. Well this is actually my fifth camera. The first two were films. The first I can't even remember what it was. The second I was smoothtalked into buying by a salesguy in a shop, which I eventually used only for a very shortwhile because by then almost everyone was already using digital. The third one is a Sony Cybershot, two years ago I bought a bridge cam Olympus S-570 UZ and now I'm ready for the next level:)

A conversation with the boss of one of the shops.
Boss: Are you going to be in a group or alone?
Me - 'confused': I don't know, I'd be alone I guess. Why?
Boss: Because if you are in a group, it would be good if you get similar as the rest so that in case your lens jammed or something, or if you need to borrow a lens from your friends it would be easier.
Me: Oh i see. That's a good idea.
(i figured besides that, somebody can show you how to use the camera features if they are using same brand)

I would have bought a D90 but I find it too heavy and bulky for me (I can't imagine walking around with it without breaking my neck:). I didn't have a hard time choosing Nikon over Canon though, I like the grip of D5000 over 500 or 550D. I have checked and read so many articles, reviews and comparisons but in the end I have far more things to worry other than the nitty-gritty technical pros and cons, first I have to improve my skills and learn how to take good photos:) And from there let's see how it goes:)

my new toy, i love it!:)

Well anyone out there can teach me?:D


Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm flying off tomorrow for a one week holidays! I deserve a break! :D