Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Holidays

During the cny holidays, we spent a week in buddy's hometown in Johor, been doing this for the past 4 years.

11th Feb Thursday night, right after work, we packed our things, had dinner and picked up his cousin in Cheras. By then, it was already 10pm when we leave KL.

I was sleepy, he was sleepy, we take turns driving. His cousin who doesn't seem to stop talking, fall asleep halfway. We finally arrived past 1am. Tired and exhausted.

There's a lovely lotus plant at the yard. A flower was in full bloom.

And then the petals started to shed and came swirling down, joining the grasses in the ground.

When the petals have all finally fell down, what remained was the curious receptacle standing holding the green seeds until they would turn brown.

The cycle continues, a beautiful bud on the verge of blooming.

And a yellow grasshopper came by to nibble on the soft green leaves.

('why you didn't kill it?' buddy asked when he saw this photo. 'It's destroying my plant!' Actually, I saw 2 of them, disturbing them
wasn't even in my mind much less crushing them.. I thought it's a lovely scene, grasshoppers in the lotus plant:)


Our doggie was so delighted to see us again, I'm so delighted too. It's been five months since the last time I saw him.

Our beloved Axton taking a nap, with one eye open.

One day we went to a temple to pray. And there's a pond where the water turned green and turtles were basking under the bright blistering sun.
The fourth day, we decided to made a quick trip to Singapore. A quiet Chinatown in the middle of the cny week awaits us there.


flowers, flowers...

Buddy's room.

Where a wall was once dark blue, was repainted to deep brown. And it still looks gay hah..

End of the holidays, back to KL.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The bettle is not eaten.
However, is it possibly delicious?

In the bettle, the smell place is love.
Therefore, the bettle is stinky.
However, it is popular among the ted.
It buys it one mama asking.
Useless, impossible uselessness
For Papa, the restructuring this day
is a public employment security office.

Fellows fly at night,
The watermelon is loved.
I will ruin its belly when eating too much.
Do not give the cucumber.
Insect jelly
However, the fly attaches.
Do not forget the insecticide seat.
The room is only a fly when forgetting.

Well folks you must be wondering what the hell is that.. somekind of gibberish.

It's atually the writing on the boxers that I bought last Sunday:D

I've always been wearing boxers and I don't feel comfortable in briefs. Briefs just felt too constricting, I can't breath hah... except of course when gymming or playing sports.

Anyway, 3dots has become one of my fave brands. I like the cutting and the waste band is soft and comfy.

(oh did i hear some 'yuckss'!? :D

(the bettle is stinky? However is it possibly delicious?...
No! it is definitely not stinky but not sure if its delicious though hah.. )


Saturday, February 6, 2010

One year

It's been a year since I move to KL and a year in my current job!

My first day of work was memorable not because of work, it was a boring whole day induction program, but because I don't know the way back to my new home! You see, when I first moved here from Johor we went straight to Shah Alam. I didn't really get the chance to drive from the south straight to our current place in Desa Petaling. So the first day, I asked buddy where should I exit to get home coming from Nilai (where my new company is located). He gave me the not so easy direction, he actually also didn't know the way, he have to asked a friend! And I end up somewhere in Cheras. Crazy... I started to freaked out. Called him, 'are you sure you this is the right way? I have no idea where am i now!'. Well I did find my way home though that night:)

Well it's also been a change in my lifestyle too. Whereas before, it only takes me less than 10mins to go to work, but now I have to drive from KL to Nilai everyday Monday to Friday. Whereas last time, I had plenty of time to do things right after work, jog, swim, workout, gardening, play with my doggie Axton... now its seems time is not enough. But I'm not complaining, it's a welcome change, new experiences always make life more interesting:)

I don't get to travel often though now, unlike my previous job where I'd be traveling overseas regularly. And somehow I missed going to new places for free:)

A few days ago my boss asked me if I don't have problem moving to Singapore. I replied, 'you mean to stay there?' She said yes. I said no I don't have problem at all. Well apparently there are plans our regional lab might be transferred to SG soon.

Again, it looks like a start of a new life coming...


Monday, February 1, 2010