Saturday, January 23, 2010

Climbing Up That Hill

Was in Fraser's Hill for 3 days for our company's so called leadership journey. Leadership starts in one's self... interesting program.

Doing reflections at the same time enjoying the scenery and the cool refreshing weather.

While contemplating on my purpose in life, visions and goals, I get the chance to take my camera out and start snapping photos:)

flowers in the mist

I was sitting alone early morning and birds were busy having their worms for breakfast... (yeah i saw this bird swallowed a worm:)

like the monkey, I was having a relaxing time too but I didn't climb a lamppost though...

we had our group sharing here (just like those scenes in movies of recovering alcoholics & drug addicts sharing their stories:).. I just hate talking about my private life but I have to go with the flow:)...

night came

and all the moths came flying into the lamplight, thinking it was the moon....


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

of being comfortable in your own skin

...I am happy the way I am. People can judge me, they can say whatever they want to me but that doesn't hurt me....

(thought this is touching. cliche but we tend to bitch and complain about stuff and there are people out there who are supposed to be 'less fortunate' but didn't let their disabilities dampen their spirits..... but then who says humans aren't self-centered:p


Friday, January 8, 2010

Fish-eat-fish world

We just upgraded our aquarium to a much bigger one. No we didn't purposely picked the pink lamp, there's just no other colour left to choose from:)

We have a pair each of 3 types of tiger fish (well what could be more appropriate for the year of the tiger:)

When I reach home from work, I would usually go straight feed our fishes. Today, I saw one of them was stucked in the filtration system. 'Oh one of the fishes is dead!' I told buddy who came back home earlier and was already playing PS3. Hey, how come I don't see its partner? I keep looking and...

what used to be a lovely pair...

end up like this...

Yikes they become their own aquarium-mates' lunch! looks like there are piranhas in their midst!!

We have some real pearls inside too. See the tiny mini puffer fish hiding under the rock. Buddy said, 'they are so blessed if they shallow the pearls they will become fairies'... (oh does that mean they will turn into gay mermans?)... hah


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Puma 917 Lo Manga White/Snorkel Blue

I have a new pair of shoes! and I love them:D Last week, when I first saw a photo of 'em in a blog, I said I gotta have that. So yesterday after having our haircut, we went straight to Puma lifestyle store in Pavillion. And I was delighted to see it displayed, sitting in the shelf like its kind of waiting for me (come come my man, I know u've been looking for me:) Immediately I asked the sales staff for my size but then only one size left which was a small size 6, darn, I felt so disappointed.

And I asked the staff if I can try on that pair the mannequin was wearing. Sorry mannequin that does not belong to you, that's mine! Haizz turn out its a size bigger. (and after I tried it on, a cute guy came asking for the same shoe design and tried the same pair. well turns out we were looking for same shoe size and I can sense the same disappointment in his face. Misery does loves company hah) Are there any new stock coming in? I asked the sales guy. He said no. Can you please check from your other outlets if they still have stocks? (desperate time calls for desperate measure:) The staff was so helpful, he made a call to enquire and came back with the good news, there's still one pair of my size left in their outlet in The Gardens. Can you tell them to hold that for me please? I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. Reservation was made after providing my name and contact number.

But then when we went to the shoe shop next door, they have them! Yey I'm excited. And it's only RM189.90:) You see, I'm very easily pleased, little things like this makes my day:)

(by the way, I canceled my reservation
so if you are interested and your are size 7 UK, go get 'em in The Gardens MidValley :D