Sunday, December 19, 2010

Toy Bank

CHERAS Leisure Mall's 'Toy Bank' is a yearly Christmas charity programme for orphanage homes where shoppers can fulfill wishes by choosing a card that were hanged in their christmas booth, from 3 - 26 December 2010.   

We took 6 cards and get the things kids wished for. It's not really much, like they are wishing for pair of shoes, dictionary, PMR work books, shirts, school bags...   

There are still a lot of cards hanging there, so dropped by Cheras Leisure mall and make some kids happy this holiday season. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

The greatest show on earth. A gift from Santa?

We went to The Gardens last Sunday.  First stop, Borders.  Saw two tall handsome guys, darn they look hot!  Definitely couple.  Dress up the same, buddy commented they look like brothers (incest! hah) and we happen to queue at the counter at the same time.

You know what, they look at me, I told buddy, I think because I have the same beauty as them. He goes: HAHAHA, yeah the backside. Buddy just refused to ride on with my delusions:D

No, it's me they're looking at, I can sense it. Yeah, right!, I replied. We had a good laugh.

Bought his latest book, can't get enough of Dawkin's:)

I've almost reached the last chapter of The Ancestor's Tale, I love Richard Dawkins!  And together with Stephen Hawking's The Grand Design, one book talking about how the universe was formed and one trying to trace our ancestors back to millions of years, god just won't fit in the picture.


I received a letter from the tax office the other day.  Well, I thought, nothing new, they always send these all the time.  But surprise, surprise!  There's a check inside.  They're giving me back RM2,501!  I was like, is this some kind of a joke?!:)  So nice, Christmas gift!:)

You see, when I filed my tax returns online the last couple of years, I don't bother to put all sorts of claims, I just put in there the personal deduction allowed and that's it.  Anyway, it's already taken out from monthly salary and  most of the time I don't even open my pay slip...  so what's left I accept loh:) I had this one case last year and I don't want it happening again. I'd rather have it clean, just don't want a bomb dropped asking me to pay huge moolah as if I'm a billionaire.. :)

hmmm.. i should get something nice for myself this christmas:)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Strangled Christmas tree

It's the christmas season again!  Time to take out our deco from last year.  I can't help thinking about how boring our little christmas tree  without some blinking lights on. I took the lights buddy bought some time ago and wrapped around it.  One round, two round... I thought erm this is too long.  I was tempted to cut it short but I'm not sure if it still works if I do that. So I continue and continue til the last bit.   And it ends up like this...

It doesn't look pretty eh....  too lazy to unwound it, and darn the glitters were all over place.  

Friday, December 3, 2010

I built a house with my two hands,

yeah a bird boxhouse:)  

The chicks are getting bigger now and looks like they are too cramped in their small nest. But we can't find a wooden nest box everywhere!  Well, I figured I just have to make for them and I remember seeing some stuff in Daiso that I can use to build one.  

So last weekend, we dropped by Daiso and bought the things I need, put them into the car while we continue our shopping.  Buddy liked the long sleeve shirts in Uniqlo and wanted to get another pair while I'm looking for a present for a colleague.  Came back home late at night, can't wait to do my project.  It's almost 2am when it's done. 

I always thought if I'll have a big house, I'll certainly would have sort of a hobby workshop for carpentry and stuff.  I enjoy fixing things:)


See mommy admiring their new birdie luxury villa:)  

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Budgie chicks. Bird's nest soup.

Our budgie hen's eggs has already hatched.  The first chick came out last 16th Nov while it's little bro, or it might be a sis, came out the next day.  It's good that there's only two of them, at least not too taxing for the first time parents to take care of.

Its been 2 weeks and their nest really needs some cleaning, so I took them out and put them back quickly because their mommy dearest was freaking out. Their down has already started growing, look at them, aren't they adorable?:)


Buddy bought a box of bird's nest (which I always think its ridiculously too expensive.)  With that kind of money, you can already get three nice shirts. Why don't you just harvest those nests at the parking basement?They're far more fresh, you know (was kidding him).  Because there are plenty of 'em down there and they got nothing to do, they spent their time target shooting cars with their birdshits in between building nests and making babies.   

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Her Simmering  Ladyship, the pot.

Bird's nest soup for two (nah I just sipped a bit, didn't want to compete with buddy:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

cookies and banana bread

Last weekend, we bought a small oven.  It's really buddy's idea, he said we wanted to bake cookies.  I said I'm not interested in baking (I can just imagine the mess, the utensils you need to wash later on, nope not for me).  But then once we have it, I change my mind:)  I was eager to make banana and carrot cake (my favorites:)  

We went to the supermarket but unfortunately the Giant nearby our place doesn't have all the things buddy needed.  I was able to get everything for my banana bread though.

Sunday morning, while he was still in bed, I started doing my low-fat banana bread which I got the recipe from

Mix 1:  flour, baking powder, ground cinnamon and salt;  Mix 2:  mashed bananas, baking soda and yogurt ; Mix 3: oil, sugar, egg, and vanilla.

I mix all of them and pour into a tray.  I didn't follow exactly the amount of sugar and oil, I put only half of what was written to make it even more healthy:)

Yay, look at that, it started to grow!

And then I saw it started to drip from the sides, I realized I shouldn't have put all in one tray (i'm such a dumbass:)  Too late.  Lesson no. 1:  give enough room for it to swell.

Who's going to eat that!

After 50 minutes..   Ta-dah!  oh my, it doesn't look pretty.  Lesson no. 2: try to control the heat distribution - top and bottom heating.  

The taste, it's not bad really *big grin*

Lunchtime, we went to a baking shop in Shah Alam called Bagus Baking Solutions Center to get all the stuff buddy needs for his cookies (Man, this is serious:).  There's going to be many aunties there, buddy informed me.

Then quickly went back home, he can't wait to bake his cookies.  He made oatmeal-pecan cookies.  Not bad actually.

I saw one weird shape among the hearts, crescents and rounds.  What's that? I pointed out to him.  It's a dick, he replied.  Erm, but it doesn't look anatomically correct (i think it looks like a turd hah:) 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cupping Therapy

We went for our regular massage today in the usual center in Cheras.  The Chinese masseuse recommended that I should do cupping.  I'm not really too keen to try it when I saw buddy's back after he had one before. But then I said yes, I thought there's no harm in trying.  It's supposed to be good for backaches and such.  

And so I had my first cupping therapy and this is how my back looks like now.  There's no pain actually.  ermm but I'm not sure if I would want to walk around topless in the gym's locker room, not a pretty sight:)       

I'm thinking if I should rub some ointment on the circles.  When I look at the dark reddish coloration, I'm kind of worried if there could be some side effect on this or something. Haizz. I'm such a baby hah.  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A broken egg. In Singapore.

We noticed Angelina (our female budgie) has been spending a lot of time inside the nest box.  One night, when she came out, I quickly grab a torchlight to take a peek inside.  Lo behold, I saw a little white egg!  I was so excited, I hopped with glee (no i didn't burst out singing).  'She laid an egg! She laid an egg!'.  Buddy's face lit up 'really, let me see... yeah so lucky.  hey you have to feed her nutritious food.'  hhmm yes sir.

The next day back home from work, can't wait to check how's the expecting mom doing. But a gruesome sight greeted me, there's a broken egg down the cage!  Fuck! you stupid birds you are killing your own kind.  Somehow I knew there's bad thing waiting to happen, one of the female birds was behaving as if she had some bad intentions, she kept looking inside the nest with sinister look in her eyes:)  I was so upset, felt like wanna plucked the culprit's feathers and turn her into a tiny dressed chicken.  But nah:) So quickly I transferred the others to another cage, and let the couple start a  family away from the jealous females scorned:) (She must have gotten the idea from Glenn Close:)

Anywayz, she laid two more eggs.  Now, she's getting more alert.  Every time we get near the cage, she would scamper off back inside.  Hey, we are not egg-snatchers okay, its your evil sister! (but we do love to play balls:)

Hello birdie birdie, you are going to be a mommy soon.


So I had a short trip to Singapore last week.  I forgot to bring one of my novels so I went to the bookstore at the airport to get something to read.  And look what I found! 

An excerpt: 
'M-theory may offer answers to the question of creation.  According to M-theory, ours is not the only universe. Instead, M-theory predicts that a great many universes were created out of nothing.  Their creation does not require the intervention of some supernatural being or god.'  Interesting!

Since I had time, I decided to walk around.

Joseph Conrad, author of  Lord Jim the most boring novel I've ever read.  I didn't finish it, I tried.

looks like a fly's magnified pair of eyes..

it's a bird...  it's a plane...  it's  Superboat
At Changi airport, I saw this group of monks from Myanmar.  
They were taking photos of this giant funky christmas tree. 

flying back to KL in stormy weather...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Turtle

The turtle lives 'twixt plated decks
Which practically conceal its sex. 
I think it clever of the turtle 
In such a fix to be so fertile. 

-- Ogden Nash

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My bestfriend. The mating birds.

Last week, our big boss together with a visitor from HQ was around and we had round of meetings.  Friday's meeting was scheduled at 8 sharp in the morning.  I was the first presenter so have to woke up a little bit earlier than usual.  7:20, went down, went to my car (which is parked outside because buddy has taken our sole parking bay) and to my horror saw one of the tires was punctured.  Damn! why now?!.  I figured it would take time to change it and I will be late by then.

Went back to our place and called up cabs but I have to wait! I can't, I need to be in office before 8.  Buddy volunteered to send me there.  But the thing is I work in Nilai.  He said no problem, he's in sales he can always make up excuses.  He quickly changed clothes.  He has not even taken shower yet (and when I came home at night, i came back earlier than him, I saw his toothbrush in the sink with the toothpaste still on it, poor guy).

On the way, I have to remind him not to drive too fast.  I made it on time and my presentation went well.  I can sense I've already gain the trust of our boss ever since my first project came out successfully (it's already launched in some countries, positive reception and you might have seen the adverts... patting my own back haha;).   
Afternoon, he called up to check on me if I can get a ride back home (he's so sweet:) No worries, one of my colleagues will send me back.

Buddy is one of the nicest guys I've ever known (okay I'm bias:)


A pair of our budgies is mating!  Yeah I saw them making love in the early morning:)

The lovers, see how cute they are;)

On the left is Angelina and the one on the right is Brad hehe. You can tell their sex by their ceres (the fleshy area above the beak where the "nostrils" are located). Females always have a whitish or brown cere while the adult males will usually have blue ceres.  See, I'm getting to know more and more about budgies:)

We've got them for more than a year now.  And I take really good care of them, can't rely on buddy, he's just good at admiring them.  Some more he's actually the one who's so eager to have all these pets (our pug and rabbits when we were still in Johor and now the birds and turtles.  Except the fishes which are mine:).  And I would always say can't, who's going to take care them?  And one day he would arrived home with a cage and a pair of birds.  Which actually get me excited, oh so cute!:)  He wanted to buy a corn snake, which I have to say no, what if it escapes from the aquarium? It will shallow the birds! (I'm not sure of that though, I simply say one hehe)

Anyway, back to our birdies.  They like to eat greens but it wither fast when put inside the cage.  So one day, I figured a way that they can have their fresh salad whenever they want!

I bought a bunch of this. 

Plant them in the pots and let them grow back.
And put them beside the cage with the leaves inside. voila!  They love it!

They also like the fruit pulps from the juicer but we don't prepare juice often so I chop fruits finely for them because if I put a big piece of fruit inside, they won't touch it.  

Okay there's one more pet that I really like and can't stop thinking about it ever since we saw them one weekend at the petshop in MV.  It's  the Fisher's two horned chameleon.  They're so cute! I gotta have one or a pair:)