Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jingle Bells

Now this ones fun!! Just have to share this, anyway its still christmas season:)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Little Drummer Boy

our tiny Christmas tree with the star missing:) and our cute nativity scene set :)

Ho ho hooo! I am dancing Santa Claus and I have a wish for you. Watch me dancing here ;)

Merry Christmas! everyone...

Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm not really comfortable talking about my private life (ahemm really?:)... in fact, I hate it when people ask me private stuff which I thought you don't really ask unless people voluntarily tell. There's one time (like 4yrs ago:) when me and buddy went to Johore and we stayed in this small hotel. Buddy went to see his cousin for a while the next morning, so noon time I checked-out alone and waited for him at the lobby.

Then the male receptionist looked at me in this really funny, a bit annoying way (like I was thinking, stopped staring or I'm gonna punch your face !:). Nobody there at that time except me and him in the lobby. And then he probably can't hold it any longer and he asked: "Are you gay?". I was thinking what the fuck, is he for real?? But instead of getting angry I actually just laughed out loud. Oh my, I've never had a complete stranger asking me like that. I was so caught off guard by his candidness. Anyway, he added: "Don't worry I'm gay too." Hah.. I thought yeah I can tell. Then he continued, "I say that because your friend looks like one, he's a bit obvious but you you are not". opppss hahaha

So when buddy came back, I told him about it when we were already in the car. And boy, he was not pleased hah.. Well I told him, with your hair dyed like that and that sexy singlet and white shorts, its very obvious and you are flaunting it like an excited peacock glowing in full regalia. So he started thinking about changing his image... Fast forward, now when he saw his past clothes like the dozen of singlet in the drawer some with glitters somemore, he cringed with horror. He would say, "Did I wear these?". Yes, you did, I would reply. "Yikes, why did you not stopped me." Oh but you loved these stuff so much before, right?.. hah

And then there's one more question the nosy receptionist blurted out that really floored me. Nonchalantly he asked, "So did you two have sex last night?"... opppsss

Saturday, December 5, 2009


When ps2 came out like years ago, I also had one. I get tired of it eventually and gave it to my nephew together with the tons of games that I collected.

And for this Christmas, we've been good boys throughout the year so we gifted ourselves with a new ps3! :)

Buddy insisted his controller has to be red, he likes red colour. It's no wonder our curtains, our sofa and other stuff in our home are red, and I've told him a few times that, 'I think our house is getting too gay!'. hah

and this is whats keeping me occupied lately:)