Sunday, October 18, 2009

Does My C**K Look Big in this?


Saturday, October 17, 2009


I just got a new bag, a Lacoste Retro Street Medium Roll Bag. I love it! :D

Buddy also got his too... Teased him, with the amount he paid for this, he can already get like 3pcs of mine.

We are happy... :D

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The good nephew

During the long Raya holidays, we went back to Johor. Coming back to KL, his Auntie and Axton came along to stay with us for a few days. Prior to that, we had Auntie her hair cut and permed in this really old hair saloon and the hairdresser is a grandma and all the customers are also old ladies! Buddy said she was the best hairdresser in town before and even had her training in Japan long long time ago. The hairdresser grandma was so cranky. When we went to her saloon, 3 customers were already there. Auntie commented, 'oh so many people'. She replied, 'where got many people there are only 3 of them', with smirk in her face... (so bitchy haha). I told buddy, 'wah she's so fierce' and he said 'yeah she can get upset very fast'.

Buddy flipped through some old old 80's magazine which was plenty in there and chose a hairstyle for Auntie. He chose one similar to this photo but a little bit shorter

and asked cranky grandma to make auntie's hair look like this. And everyone were so busybody (oh yeah they were aunties!) and all looked at the photo (which i find really funny scene) and had they all had this really amused looks.

So back in KL, for the past few days, somebody prepared our meals, did the laundry and clean the house... yohoo!

But Axton would pee everywhere! we had to teach him to pee in the toilet. In Johor, he will do it outside but here we are in the 9th floor. He is a good boy though cos he would go to the toilet to poopoo by the floor, we didn't teach him that.

One weekend, we bring auntie for shopping. Buddy coloured her hair the day before. He asked, 'should we choose a red color for her?'. Hey c'mmon, don't make her look funny, stick to black, I told him.

He fixed her hair before we went out. He used his playball paste, which is really like wax. And I commented, 'I don't think that fits for her hair, see her hair looks like she has not taken shower. Should use something like a
hair mousse'. What is hair mousse? he asked. I think its like a hair gel, I answered. Hmmm we had no clue what is a hair mousse, I just pick that term up somewhere haha.

He also got her to do some face mask before that. And for the finishing touch, sprayed her Very Irresistible Givenchy Rose Centifolia (which is his by the way, opps hes gonna kill me haha). And told him, 'so u both are going to smell the same'. No la, I used another one (Dior Addict 2 hah)

She wore her Sunday's best. She also wore the strand of pearls that I gave her before. We both took photos of her (me with my camera and buddy with his). Auntie sit here, smile, nice... stand there, smile... :) I think she enjoyed it, she must be thinking, wow, I feel like Naomi Campbell.. hahaha..

(opppss Auntie become Lady Gaga haha)

Anyway, Auntie and Axton already went back to Johor. We are also back to normal life now:)