Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No strings attached

A really corny sms, the kind which people usually received from somebody who received it from somebody and then forward it to somebody. It goes something like this:

If u find

urself in a
dark room...

Wif Red Walls sorrounding u..

& Blood Comes frm everywhere!

STOP! Guess Where r u?

Dun Panic!

Ur iN My Heart! Haha..

Is this sent by mistake?

Hmm r u sure u sent to the right person? :p

The response:

Wa! Y not? Cant I miss u? :)

Hmmm okay. .. a group of friends hangs-out , travel together sometimes. 2 did something and sworn not to tell anyone... Life went on, what happened was a blur, forgotten.

haha hey lets go out have drinks sometime


Sunday, September 20, 2009

D&G Anthology

Last weekend, we saw and got to sniff D&G's new line of fragrances Anthology. And I just love the smell of one of them but I can't remember now exactly which one (I think it's the L’Amoureaux 6). Anyway, I might be buying a bottle soon. I've read that they are made by Procter&Gamble, some so called fragrance experts thought its cheap smelling, P&G = mass market, blah blah (hmmm not only does intellectual snobbery exist but scent snobbery as well but i don't care:).

Fragrance is one of my weakness;) but I usually wear lightly
(becoming an odour pollution to anyone is not good:), unlike one of the senior managers in our company, he always smelt strongly of fragrance everyday and leave his scent anywhere he goes in our building. And I can tell what he's wearing! Anyway, somebody from outside who happens to know him told me this manager likes to hire prostitutes (hahaha gossip).

When I smell a familiar scent, somehow it always bring back memories of persons or situations associated with it.

L’Imperatrice 3

Naomi Campbell

La Roue de la Fortune 10

Eva Herzigova

La Lune 18

Claudia Schiffer

Le Bateleur 1

Tyson Ballou

L’Amoureaux 6

Noah Mills

(beautiful people! hmm who says life is fair )

We are going to Malacca today and then to Johor. Enjoy the holidays everyone!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

The long weekend

Last weekend, we went back to Johor to visit our doggie Axton and stayed there for 3 days. Buddy was driving. On our way there, felt bored sitting nothing to do so I took photos of the clouds:)

Boy, Axton was so excited to see us again. Brought him a present, a piece of bone :)

Checking out the big hard piece of bone.

Nah, he didn't like it. He just wanted to play with us.

He just turned 3yrs old last month, see he got white mustache! He is already a full blown adult pug:)

We also decided to get one more love bird. We choose a yellow coloured one. It's supposed to be a female, so Brad (the green) can now have a 3some with Angie (the white-blue) and Jenna (as in Jenna Jameson the porn star). This should spice up their lives:) However, once we put her in the cage, Angie was so furious she actually chase Jenna away! yeah no kidding. Buddy took out Angie from the cage for awhile and let her cool down first.

They are okay now but poor yellow one I think she needs her own partner.

And also decided to get fishes for our small aquarium. They come in different colours. We have the orange, red, turquoise and bluish silver. But damn fishes are also violent. They seem to be staking their territories and they all bully the green

One night I saw the turquoise-coloured spinning around while being hit by the other three. The next day, it's dead. Well, I guess the aquarium is too small for the 4 of them.

Rest in peace fish!

We also got this nice curtains which was on sale at 50% off the original price in Jusco Tebrau.

Now, who can guess what is this?
Nope, it's not my dick getting mutated:)

We bought a few plants too. This one's beautiful and the flower looks kinda strange.