Sunday, April 26, 2009

wharehouse sale

Yesterday, we went to the L'oreal wharehouse sale held in the Orchid Ballroom of the Park Royal Hotel in Bukit Bintang. We leave home around 9am and had a quick breakfast at a restaurant in the corner of Jalan Alor, thinking we still got plenty of time. It's supposed to start at 10am. So after breakfast, we went straight to the hotel expecting us two the early birds since its still 15mins before 10. We were dead wrong , there was already very long queue waiting ahead of us!

So we waited for our turn to get inside the hall together with the mostly ladies crowd, the giggling youngsters and the eager aunties who were so excited and didn't mind standing there for at least an hour to get their turn to buy lipstick and all sorts of cosmetics and colognes. Me to buddy: 'Hey, the shoppers are mostly ladies la..' Good, that means we don't have much competition for the men's products. While waiting there, my buddy took out his novel and read 'Confessions of a Shopaholic', whoah, we really blend in so well with the crowd:)

One of the Sales crews from time to time yelled at us shoppers, reminding everyone to make sure to visit the toilet first because once inside and you wanted to go out, you have to join the queue to get in again. Sounds like a matter of life and death:) I guess everyones thinking, hell, even if bladders will explode shopping will continue... And after an hour and 15 minutes standing in line, we finally were able to get inside. The atmosphere was full of panicky excitement,
people grabbing things as if there's no tomorrow (ngeekk)...

I picked 3 colognes Victor & Rolf Antidote, Diesel Fuel for Life and Armani Diamonds for men in just a matter of minutes but while queuing (again!) to pay, I left behind the two and keep the Armani. I still got a few bottles of seldom-used colognes at home so adding some more is sort of idiotic;)
(I'm good at fighting tempetations:)

so these are my loot on that day, should last for awhile for my daily needs:)

The prices were slashed for like 50% or even lower off the original price, so I guess it was worth the trip and it was really fun:) (this is actually our second time, last year's warehouse sale at the same venue we were also there:) I lost tracked how long we stayed inside, we could have stayed longer except that afterawhile a lady in the loudspeaker (who sounds angry, hey we are giving you business ok:) was sort of giving ultimatum telling everyone inside to end their shopping in 15mins and head to the cashiers, to give way to the other anxious people waiting outside:)


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Last week, I saw somebody naked, yes naked as the day he was born. But it's not something I wanna see though (well maybe for some who got some fetish going on :)... it's the Indian Uncle helper in our lab.

One day after work around 630pm when I was about to leave office, I passed by the john to pee before driving back because it would take an hour to reach home sometimes. Just when I open the door, lo behold, uncle also came out from the toilet cubicle butt naked on his way to the shower cubicle. I think he's going to take shower but then decided he has to poopoo first loh. Our men's toilet in the 1st floor is always empty because there are very few guys in our lab/office block. In our department alone there are only two of us guys and the rest are all girls, yeah somemore most of them are pretty young gals:) and everyday I can smell all the pheromones permeating the whole place hehe..

Anyway, Uncle was probably so confident nobody would come in so he walked around naked in the toilet lo... I just said oppss and went straight to the urinal. He looked embarrassed but I was even more embarrased than him, I tried not to look. And it was the first time I had a glimpse of an Indian dick in flesh!! (i didn't stare believe me.. :)

Its not the first time I've have had such experience. I remember during my uni days, in one of those school breaks, almost everyone went back to their hometowns except for some very few students including me still left in the residence hall. Similar incident happened, one tall guy came out from the toilet cubicle naked on his way to the shower when I entered the wash room. He was surprised and I was equally surprised but that time it's a turn on because the guy was hot haha.. Actually, it's not like I havent seen naked guys because I always do, my roommates la, in the shower room after PE class (which I took swimming), a weekend in the beach with all mostly straight guys (which always end-up with guys getting drunk and somebody somehow end up naked or flashing their butt or dicks), etc.. But it's those 'unexpected' moment that makes it a funny experience because it felt awkward, embarrasing and both are surprised big time (you know like what they say, like a 'deer in the headlights' moment:)

Now, I also had a very funny moment a few years ago when I just started working and I had a housemate who's handsome, attractive (do i really have to say that, of course to make the story more interesting mah hehe) and everyone just loved him especially the girls (he is straight, hes now married and has kids). At that time, sometimes I really hated it when we have had nights out and he had all the attention, you know, like girls openly flirting with him (yeah I was just jealous hehe). He is a nice, self-effacing kind of guy though who doesn't seem to realize that he is goodlooking and that makes him even more appealing. We get along so well and became very good friends and still are now (he even asked me to be his bestman on his wedding).... I digress.. hehe.

Anyway, there was one time when I went back home late from work and our house was quiet except for some light music upstairs. On my way up to my room, I passed by my housemate's room which was wide open (we usually didn't close our doors there even if we were sleeping, dunno why, probably we were just very trusting we don't expect somebody will strangle us or something while in bed haha)... And then I saw my housemate in bed, eyes closed, his shorts pulled down to his knees and one hand stroking his dick (yes he's jerking off!!). I was like whoah the guy is really enjoying himself. So I tiptoed slowly to his bed, watched him for awhile and then I slammed his bed really hard and yelled 'HEYY!!!'.. it startled the hell out of my friend and I laughed and laughed like crazy..... He just said let him finish his thing... because he felt very horny... :D


Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love you
but i gotta stay true

my morals got me on my knees

im begging please stop playing games

the other nite, we just got back from the gym and my buddy was parking his car when this catchy song was played on the radio....

i dont know what this is
cos you got me good
just like you knew you would

i dont know what you do
but you do it well
I’m under your spell

You got me begging you for mercy
why wont you release me

me: oh i love this song!! hey, wait don't switch off yet. i wanna know who's the singer...

you got me begging you for mercy
why wont you release me
I said release me

darn, they didn't say who sang the song but i remember the 'begging you for mercy' part and searched in youtube and .....

it's duffy!! wow she's amazing. she's got that voice with a kinda 60's vibe and her looks doesn't hurt either... i love her already :D

i dont know what this is
but you got me good
just like you knew you would

i dont know what you do
but you do it well

I’m under your spell

you got me begging you for mercy

im begging you for mercy

Why wont you release me yeah yeah


Saturday, April 11, 2009

the man and the shoes

a man lying in
the asphalt road,
covered by a black
plastic sheet, the
kind where crumpled
papers and rotten foods
go, to protect him
from the prying eyes of
craning-neck passersby?
his two feet sticking
out wearing
black working shoes.

and a man stradling
at his side,
while another waving
away the curious ones.
In the instant
that it took to look,
a glimpse of the body,
i reflected and sigh,
what a sad sight.

Life can be cruel,
but does It really
care?it's how it goes,
sometimes thats how
you'll end. would It
even care for those
eyes that
will swell
shedding all
those tears.

as i reached
my office,
i try not
to think of
that scene.
and quickly change
into my black working
shoes to start another
day. goes on.

yesterday was Good Friday, it's one of the most important days for us Christians.. my colleague asked me if I'm going to church, I said no because I got tons of things to do at work and I rarely goes to church anyway.. (yes, I admit I'm one of them 'cafeteria Catholics'.. and he has just unilaterally declared me a Buddhist now :)..

Anyways, Ive written a poem (or something like that)above that incidentally seem appropriate for this Lenten season. This ones based on an accident that I've seen lately. and I've seen a number of 'em when driving to and fro work, and why are there so many accidents on the road, it's darn scary. I'm pretty much a weakling seeing people with blood, I felt like throwing up and going to faint.. (yeah i'm that gay)... haha


Happy Easter everyone!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

the proposal

...I'm completely completely in love with you. I even love the things about you that I hate... because you make me feel like I don't have to be anyone other than who I am...

I've finally manage to watch all of 'brothers & sisters season 2' (on dvd)..... this scene is so sweet:)

Friday, April 3, 2009


borat is back!! this time he's bruno:)
cant wait to see this movie :D...

you might find this very hard to believe but i'm...... gay.


what type of belt is that cadet?


what is D&G?

Dolce & Gabbana, hello!