Friday, February 20, 2009

brothers & sisters

I love this drama series, brothers and sisters. I have seen the whole season 1 (pirated dvd :) a few months ago and now I'm halfway through season 2 (takes a bit longer to finish since doesn't have much time lately). The cast are just superb; there's sally field (actress par excellence), calista flockhart, rob lowe, balthazar getty, dave annable, rachel griffiths and more... The story revolves around the Walker family, 5 siblings and their mother, there's the 'other' woman and their pretty half sister. There's their gay brother Kevin, and I like how the show has somehow protrayed homosexuality in such an open and sort of a 'normal' thing...

the Walker family

In the series, Kevin have/ had relationships with Jason (topmost left), a hot:) gay Christian minister which was sent to Malaysia as a missionary and Scotty a chef (bottom right in the photo)...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blogs blogs

I read different kind of blogs, that includes fashion blogs (shhh, don't tell but I even read this lady's blog and its all about handbags, well mostly.... yeah but I have no plans of carrying around a crocodile Hermes Birkin though or LV's BB bag, I can't afford those even if I wanted to haha... gee, I can't believe some bags can be that expensive.. and yeah i also read bryanboy 'i'm so gay, i sweat glitter' :D

For a dose of celebrity fashion misses, this one's really hilarious --

There are so much blogs that features scantily clad or naked people and they seem to be just borrowing each others photos (you see one, you've seen them all). I guess that's one way to gain more traffic too... But hey who says porn can't be intellectual, just check this out

I'm trying to fill-up my half-empty brain with some of those grey matters so I always visit this site:) 'Events on the world lines of two theoretical physicists, from the horizon to timelike infinity. A scientifically minded blog with varying amounts of entertainment, distractions, and every day trivialities.' Hot! hehe .. They have a list of science blogs there too.. so shouldn't forget to excite the head up there too and not only the loins :D

And for some personal blogs, I read those in my list on the right side and more. Funny cos it's only lately that I really read these kind of blogs, I thought I can't be bothered with some strangers lives, plus I thought there are important things to read with such limited time. And then I realize that its actually sort of therapeutic to write. You can release your thoughts and feelings which you may be harboring inside. And also you somehow have the feeling that you gain some friends by interacting with fellow bloggers (well sort of:)...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Black Swan


Do you see anything unsual above?*

The Black Swan (The Impact of the Highly Improbable) -- by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
This got to be one of the most intelligent, thought-provoking books I've read. Highly recommended! Now go to the nearest bookstore and buy this one.

oh, don't forget his first book too, 'Fooled by Randomness (The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets)'.

The narrative fallacy
I'm halfway through and there's a chapter where the author coined a term 'The Narrative Fallacy'. It is about our 'vulnerability to overinterpration and our predilection for compact stories over raw truths.' And there are convincing evidence that is rooted in our physiology. Just take the example above; *The word the is written twice. 'If you inhibit the left hemisphere of right-handed person, more technically, by directing low-frequency magnetic pulses into the left frontotemporal lobes), you lower his rate of error in reading the above caption. Our propensity to impose meaning and concepts blocks awareness of the details making up the concept'...

The Nobel prize in economics
This is the only 'Nobel'Prize not included by Alfred Nobel in his will but was established by the Bank of Sweden in honor of him. I've always wondered what contributions they bring that they have a 'Nobel' prize too together with medicine, physics, chemistry and peace and literature.
(Well, I'm just a guy working in a lab, so you don't have to listen to me talking about economics hah). But I like what Taleb have to say on this:) Taleb mentioned that 'an activist member of the Nobel family calls the prize a public relations coup by economists aiming to put their field on a higher footing than it deserves. ' He further added, 'the committee has gotten into the habit of handing out Nobel Prizes to those who "who bring" rigor to the process with pseudoscience and phony mathematics.' Don't you just find that very intriguing.

In his first book, Fooled by Randonmess, in the last chapter 'Bacchus Abandons Antony', -- Randonmess And Personal Elegance , Taleb wrote, "The reader knows my opinion on unsolicited advice and sermons on how to behave in life. Recall that ideas do not really sink in when emotions come into play; we do not use our rational brain outside of classroom. Self-help books (even when they are not written by charlatans) are largely ineffectual....

The interesting thing about stoicism is that it plays on dignity and personal aesthetics, which are part of our genes. Start stressing personal elegance at your next misfortune. Exhibit sapere vivere ("know how to live") in all circumstances.
...dignified attitude will make both defeat and victory feel equally heroic..
...try not to blame others for your fate, even if they deserve blame..
...never exhibit any self-pity.. not complain..
The only article Lady Fortuna has no control over is your behavior. Good luck."

I think I've learned more things from Taleb's 2 books about life than some self-help books I've read before:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

of kids and life

A few days ago, he and I were talking about the plight of his cousin which had their first child delivered prematurely. The baby's chance of survival was slim but as expected of any parents, they did everything; losing hope is not an option. When you see your own little helpless child, who would want to give up? They had spent so much, work were set aside, the worries and the stress to endure, but in the end the baby sadly succumbed to the complications. We can just imagine the pain they must have gone through.

'That's the advantage of having no kids, we don't have such worries', I said. 'And we don't have to worry raising them and make sure they are okay and would grow to be good decent successful persons.'

'Yeah, and we don't know if they may end up drug addicts or bad people', he added.

'Yeah, like becoming criminals or prostitutes.' Exaggerations from two biased apologists, part of the roughly 10% (some insist that's not accurate) of humans although anatomically able to produce offsprings, but partner preference makes it difficult to do so (thats just a pretentious way of saying fondling tits and vajayjay is no fun: kekeke).

I have already given up the idea of having kids. I will leave it to my siblings to fulfill the business of perpetuating our family genes. I've always wanted to have kids of my own before though, but as the years passed by maybe it's really not for me. After all, this might be one of nature's nifty ways of controlling the population of some mammalian species... make some of 'em lucky ones happy that means gay (or unlucky depending how one takes it).

Parental urge to have kids is too strong to overcome for some though, some resort to adoption, others find surrogate mothers (celebrities fare well on this, there will always be star-strucked fans who would be too wiling to offer their uterus at their idols feet), or donated sperms for lesbian couples, or do the coventional way of getting married with the opposite sex, have kids, pretend or led double lives and maybe suffer in silence.
(Which led me to think, granting the premise of the nature's population control holds, except those adopting, are these people doing contrary to nature's purpose? .....hmmm that's another story:)

'I'm just thinking when we grow old who will take care of us.

'Well, there will always be room in some old folk's home around'. he replied.


'Oh, we should'nt worry too much', he added, 'we might not live that long anyway.'

Yeah, so to hell with all that, we will just enjoy life!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Max was killed,
dried blood in the mouth with
eyes staring at eternity,
stiff body claimed
the cold asphalt road.

Max never was popular
in the neighborhood,
bullied the kids and
adults alike,
took a bite on two,
now dead.

Hit by a
speeding car.
The last cry
turned into a squeak
when the unforgiving tires
run over soft body.
Smirk on the face,
baring white fangs,
as if to remind that
it would be
there in hell,
to take a last bite at
strangers' butts. :D
Max our fierce brown-
furred dog is dead.
(No sweet end for the hated one,
good riddance! some may add.)

saw a piece i wrote about our dog that died many years ago, I just modify it a bit to become a poem (well sort of) hehe...

Flies in the Office

'Damn, where are all these flies come from? Why are they all here? I'm still alive!' I said while rolling pieces of papers from my desk to swat the pesky pests (hmmm I wish I can do the same to the boss).

'More will come if you kill them', said Officemate A.

'Is it? Why, to eat their dead colleagues?'.

'Hahaha... no la'.

'I just killed three... you know, I've read somewhere that flies' lifespan is only a few hours.'

'I don't think so'. replied Officemate A.


'Oh, it says here 15days for male and up to 26days for female', I read from a website, 'unless they are being swatted.'

'Hahaha... you really checked.' Officemate A laughing.

(Back to work)

next week going to start with my new job in a new company :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Bug

Jogging around our quiet neighborhood,
passing some happy kids playing,
when suddenly a bug,
a tiny little bug,
landed on my left eye.
I blink once, twice,
eyelid fluttered.
Unprovoked tears now flowing,
trying to wash my eye.
When was the last time I cried?
I can't recall.
When you're happy or sad,
it's okay to cry sometimes,
the bug could have said.
Shut up, you pesky bug.
I hurried back home,
passing the happy kids wondering,
'Why did the grown-up man cried?'

this happens 2 weeks ago :)