Saturday, January 31, 2009


We stayed in he's hometown the whole week for the Chinese new year holidays. This is the third cny celebration I spent in he's place. Didn't really intend to stay there for 7 days but he insist I'd go there early cos we need to decorate the house, buy stuff, etc.. (and there's no internet connection there:(

Most of the time, we just eat and eat and eat. Not really use eating that much especially at night so the first few days I felt bloated yikes. He's auntie keep serving us food and she insist that we eat.

'I'm so sleepy. I wanna go to bed now'.
'Wait, my auntie's preparing some snacks'.
'It's midnight already la, ..

well, most aunties think being chubby is healthy:)

'Hey stop eating that! You're going to have a heartattack later.' I told him. And he just gave me that teasing look while nibbling a whole piece of bakkwa, holding it with the thumb, the index and the middle finger with the pinky sticking out (hmmm eating bakkwa brings out the gay in everyone hah) ... funny because I told him that after I wolfed a whole piece..

we got so much time, we created this in a corner in his house and ends up something one can find in spas:)

we are back in kl now and i'm writing this in his cousin's house nice cosy patio :)...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Taxman

"In this world there is nothing that is certain except death and taxes"
-- Benjamin Franklin

I just went to the tax office today to collect the Surat Penyelesaian Cukai Pendapatan (need to clear my tax before I'll leave my current company). And I was shocked to see that I still owe them RM7,286.52! (hey, I'm just a lowly employee, I don't own the company, you know :p

As if I didn't pay taxes, why do I still owe them that much?? .. The tax assessor (in fairness, he's polite, well they should be:) explained to me that there were some amount that has not been included in year 2006 taxation so he re-calculated it back and plus last year's which I still need to pay some more... some more? Haizz, monthly deductions already high and yet still not enough?!

I had a month to clear it off. Well, I really don't have a choice, do I? Nope, said the taxman.

Darn, I can already buy a MacBook Air with that kind of money.... my pockets are so light now :(

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grace Jones

Grace Jones is back!

(i'm a lil bit late on this:) gee, she's already 60yrs old now)


(Grace Jones -Hurricane 2008 Album)

Pleased to meet you, pleased to have you on my plate
your meat is sweet to me
your destiny
your fate

you’re my life support, your life is my sport

I’m a man-eating machine.......

she's one of a kind:) i thought she's a he before:)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Guitar & Violins

my guitar & violin & his violin

I started learning to play the guitar 7 yrs ago. My first love though was violin so I bought one much earlier, that was a spontaneous decision. I was in a musical instruments shop at that time and I just can't leave without that violin. When I asked him, the shopowner was very honest when he told me violin is not easy to learn and its better to start very young. Well I said I can find a way and bought it anyway:) If I want something, I gotta have it:) After a few days, reality sets in, yeah the shopowner was right. I gave it to my nephew and then bought a guitar and thought myself how to play. But until now I'm still a beginner though:)

Three yrs ago, buddy and I decided to learn violin. I told him how I've always wanted to learn (and have never given up the idea) and well he thought he wanted to. So we bought two, one for him and for me and enrolled in a violin class. The funny thing was that we were the only adults there as expected except the parents, everyone were small kids. Although, its a one-on-one class, its still a bit embarrasing. I'd be waiting for my turn (he had his own schedule) and all the kids were there waiting for their piano, ballet class, etc... Gee, I hope the parents didn't think of me as a pervert mixing with the kids hah. I saw 3 very young boys who's doing ballet with all the girls, their moms drove them there. And they were already looking like effeminates, very lucky fellas to have such openminded parents.

And so at that time, our house will be full of screeching sounds at night, yeah two blokes practicing, trying to outdo each other who can learn fast:) Poor neighbors. But then, I would be travelling sometimes and would be away for a week or two, so it was really difficult to follow religiously my violin schedule. After 4months, we just gave up. Now we know one reason why one have to start at a very young age, grown-ups think they have other more pressing priorities in life. If only we can throw tantrums and insist on doing our violin class first :)

But I've not totally given up yet:) ..............

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Books left half-read

I am clearing my stuff because I'm going to transfer to another place soon (yey new life!) Anyway, I saw one of my books and I must have forgotten it, the marker is in page 210 still long way for a 350 page book.

the title catched my attention

I always write the date and place whereI bought them, well its been 2 years since I have abandoned this unfortunate one.

16 Jan 2007
- Manila -

yeah i just tore a piece of newspaper to use as bookmarks:)

I flip through the pages just to remind me of its content and now I remember why its been abondoned halfway. It's boring and there's nothing new, for example, he devoted a whole chapter on Evariste Galois' life (the author said he's a mathematical genius), his political activities in the 1830's, who died at the age of 20 by a single gunshot wound in the stomach apparantly from a duel. Gee, people in that era were so stupid and overly-sensitive they'd die 'honorable' deaths by duel just because they've been insulted, which was supposedly the case with Galois. His last words to his brother, "Don't cry, I need all my courage to die at twenty".

But then this is supposed to be about math so I would expect more mathematical equations inside that would blow my mind away hah.. and in the last pages he talked about how symmetry played a role on how we humans perceived attractiveness (yeah if your face is symmetrical you are handsome or beautiful).. well thats old news :)

Some of the books that I have abandoned halfway were:

*Under the Volcano - Malcolm Lowry. He's a good writer but I just don't like the writing style, I thought its too pretentious :)

*Lord Jim - Joseph Condrad. I have really mustered all effort to finish this novel but I just couldn't - its sooo boring. I thought what's wrong with the narrator why was he so obsessed with Jim hah..

*The Ambassadors - Henry James. I don't like Henry James, period... He's too wordy, a very long sentence can have 8 commas (yeah i've counted). I prefer that there's something left for me to imagine and not describe everything to the minute details :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Rainbow

I once stayed in a hotel in PJ.
The rain has just stopped and when I looked outside the window

I saw a big rainbow, a big beautiful rainbow....

the rainbow over Amcorp mall :)

And then I wonder when I'm gonna find my pot of gold :)....

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!

The rainbow - William Wordsworth

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Acupuncture and Nightmares

‘I think you should see my sensei.’

He has always been bugging me to see his Chinese doctor which I always refused. I will tell him that there’s nothing wrong with me and I’d rather go to a 'western' doctor. ‘You’re just like Axton (our pug dog), so stubborn’, he would sometimes say. But lately I had these nightmares and he had already awakened me up three nights because I would be making eerie groaning sounds. Okay then, there’s no harm trying.

So one Saturday morning, we went to see the sensei, he checked my pulse, he said I’m stressed, should relax more, weak kidneys, blah blah… and then tadah he took those long thin needles to do me acupuncture. Darn, they look scary. I whispered to he, ‘are you sure those are clean needles?’… ‘Of course, those are new and they’re only used once.’ (Because it would really extremely sad to get a disease through such circumstance; at least I had gone through orgasmic joy if through sexual intercourse.. hah)

Sensei asked me to follow him and got me a seat opposite the reception area. I was thinking, why here? I’m not asking for a discount? Do I really look that poor, I can pay full you know. I whispered again to he, ‘Why here? Got so many people can see me leh’.. He said the rooms are fully occupied and I also can’t lie down for this acupuncture. Can’t lie down? But why are those aunties are comfortably lying in bed inside the small rooms? (I saw them on my way to toilet) Now, I’m getting more worried.

And then the sensei came with the needles in hand. I keep thinking to myself relax, relax, take a deep breath…

He swab a cold wet piece of cotton in both sides of the base of my neck… relax, take a deep breath, ohhmm, ohhmmm… ‘I’m a little bit scared.’ I said softly. Don’t worry its nothing, he and sensei assured me. I can feel the needle piercing through my skin… piece of cake.

Then the sensei poked a needle at my nape… piece of cake. Then he parted my hair in the crown and swab with the wet cotton. ‘Oh, in my head too? WAIT! (not so softly now). Are you sure it won’t touch my brain?’ (as if I got one hah:).. He said ‘Don’t be silly. It’s just the surface’. Sensei poked one needle at my crown and two at the sides of my forehead. Ok, not bad.

I was so conscious sitting there with all the needles sticking in my head in everyone’s view. (Stop staring! I'm forced to do this:) I saw kids and not so young kids that have some disabilities (parents will do everything for their children.) People must be thinking I’m one of them, I do look like I got Downe syndrome hah... I was thinking, darn, how long will this take.

So nightmares, take that!
(I just hope that didn't make it worse... yikes)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Poem #4

a day in the life of a single man at the groceries

all kinds of greens i see,

i wonder which one is a celery.
purple aubergines, tips glistening.
should I wait to see if nuns come by sneaking.

dead fishes staring at me,
with pasted smirks on their faces.

no way stinky, i’m squirmy.
don’t want your smell on my fingers.

chickens naked in varied positions,
headless, legs wide apart seducing.
nah, i can always find you at McDonalds,
ready for the eating.

time to go,

nothing much in my cart though,

bread, carrots, potatoes, i’ve got,
what am I going to do with that?!
nobody’s home,
to take care of me.
but for now, steak i should have,
to the nearest restaurant off i go. :D

steak? hah... i'm just bluffing..
i usually end up with the stuff below...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heard Through the Grapevine

Four 16year-olds were having conversation inside the school library - me and my highschool mates Stephen, Larry and Gino, while waiting for our next class.

'Guys, have you heard about a rumour going around lately?' Larry asked.

'Is it about Sheila?' Gino replied.


'What is it about?', I asked. It seems like I'm always the last one to know.

'They said she's heartbroken that she tried to commit suicide. She's so in love with Stephen but our friend her chose Vern'. Larry added.

'Really? Is it true, Steph?' I asked.

'I don't know.' Stephen just remained silent most of the time and was in a pensive mood listening to our conversation.


After school, my neighborhood friend Vince and I were hanging-out outside their house. He's also from the same school but in a different class and we were both new in the place.

While we're talking, Dina passed by. She's one of the girls in the neighborhood.

'Hi, guys'. Dina greeted us. 'I'll catch up with you all later ok.'

When she's out of sight, Vince told me, 'I've heard she's an easy girl.'

'Really? Who told you? Does it mean she's not a virgin anymore?'

'I've heard from Philip and Cid. They talked a lot of wicked things about her.'


One Saturday afternoon, I was alone at home when Dina and Cid dropped by to see me. We hang-out in my room. And we talked about stuff and kids we know in school.

'I know Stephen's new girlfriend Vern. She's my ex-schoolmate but she was kicked out from our school. She's a slut. She even had two abortions already.' Dina told us.

'Hmmmp, I don't believe you.' I said.

'Oh please, I know a lot about her. Although we were not close but we have mutual friends.'

'Gee, that's probably why she looked so pale! Poor Stephen, he probably doesn't know.' I said. 'Hey, I go get something to eat and drink.'


I left Dina and Cid; they were still talking about some of the boys and girls in our schools.

I went back to my room with the chips and softdrinks. When I open the door, i froze, not expecting the scene in front of me. Stunned as if I just witness somebody getting murdered.

There I saw Dina lying in my bed with an excited Cid stooping beside her, taking off her pants.

They both looked up at me and said, 'Come, join us!'

highschool life was so much fun :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


we are going to the other side...

christmas in singapore

interesting design


eat eat eat

indonesian food for a change

this ones in jb :)

sg's very clean & orderly chinatown... :)


walking & walking.. so tired at the end of day but we had great time :D

hope everyone had a great christmas & new year celebrations!!